Professor Glasgow specializes in moral, political, and legal philosophy.  He has published and taught widely in these areas, on topics ranging from moral theory to race to the good life.  For more information, please visit his personal Website.

John P. Sullins, is a full professor of philosophy at Sonoma State University and the director of programming for the Sonoma State University Center for Ethics Law and Society (CELS).  His specializations are: philosophy of technology, philosophical issues of artificial intelligence/robotics, cognitive science, philosophy of science, engineering ethics, and computer ethics.

I think the job of philosophy is to help persons live a good life.  Towards this end, philosophy offers not only valuable conceptual analysis, but also, and more importantly, the ability to synthesize findings from a wide range of disciplines into an empirically informed theory of the good.  We cannot expect to know what it means to live life well if we shut our eyes to cutting-edge thinking in such disciplines as psychology, biology, neurology and anthropology.  Because philosophy is not itself an empirical science, it can see connections across disciplinary differences, which is, in my op

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