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Forms for Students

Change/Add your Major or Minor

This form can be used to add a major or minor, drop an impacted or non-impacted major or minor or change your catalog year (pertains to the requirements you have to meet by the time you graduate)

Petition for General Education and/or Seawolf Studies Graduation Requirement Course Substitution

This petition form is to be used by students attempting to substitute a GE course. 

Request for Incomplete

This form is for students requesting an “Incomplete”. 

Forms for Faculty

Major/Minor Substitution Form (ARR Update Form) 

This form is used to make substitutions to Major or Minor course requirements stated in the SSUs catalog, or to make any corrections to a student's Academics Requirements Report (ARR). An approved course substitution will be reflected in the ARR, and in MySSU. This form must be completed by an advisor and the chair within that department.

Contract Course Forms

These include (1) Internships, (2) Special Studies, and (3) Volunteer forms. It is best to go to the Contract Courses page first and download the forms from their page directly.

Faculty-Requested Drop

This form is to be used by faculty to drop students who miss their required attendance at the start of the semester.  This form should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar no later than 2 days after the end of Add/Drop.

Grade Change Form

Used to change a student’s grade. Should the form require a Dean’s signature, the form will be routed to them.

Key Request Form

Used to request keys for faculty and staff. Second signature(Participant #2) goes to Tai Russotti at

List of faculty eligible for three-year appointment


 Petition of Time Conflict

Students are not allowed to enroll in any two or more classes meeting during the same time period. If this does occur the student may petition to enroll in both classes with the approval of the instructors on how meeting periods can be adjusted to accomodate the conflicting time. Please note: these forms are to be submitted during the add period. Both courses do need to be open in order for the form to be processed.

Petition to Add (after the posted deadline)

This petition form is to be used by students who wish to add after the deadline. Petitions to add after the deadline are accepted for review when a student has serious or compelling reasons that prevented him/her from meeting the add deadline. 

 Petition to Take Additional Units

This form is to be used by students requesting to register for more than the maximum units set for the term. Please note:​

Less Common Forms

 Leave of Absence Form

This form is to request a leave of absence for a future semester or the current semester. This form is required to be submitted within the first 2 weeks of the semester that you are enrolled in. If you are not enrolled in the semester or requesting for a future semester please proceed. View the Leaves of Absence policy for more information.

 Petition to Withdraw from an Individual Class – after posted deadline

Petitions to withdraw from a class after the deadline are accepted for review when a student has serious and compelling reasons that prevented him/her from meeting the withdraw deadline. Please note- the $20 fee is waived for the Fall 2020 term.

 Repeat Course Form

This Form is for course repeat exceptions only. If you are repeating an SSU course (at SSU) for the first time, in which you received a C- or below, there is no need to complete this form.

 Withdrawal completely from Sonoma State University – for total term

This form is to be used by students requesting to withdraw completely from Sonoma State University.

 Concurrent or Visitor Enrollment (CSU) – for in-person classes at other CSU's

This application is to be used by California State University students who wish to enroll concurrently at another CSU campus.

 General Petition for Waiver of University Regulations

This form is used to petition or waive University regulations such as retroactive withdrawals, GE unit requirements, catalog year, and more as outlined in the Sonoma State Catalog. 

Other Forms

Not finding what you're looking for?  Many additional forms can be found on the Office of the Registrar's Forms & Petitions list.