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With extensive, dedicated, and repeated focus on critical thinking, problem solving, argumentation, and written and oral communication skills, Philosophy majors are well-equipped for a wide range of jobs. 

According to the Guardian, "Employers regularly report that they want to hire college graduates with advanced general critical thinking and communication skills, and they single out Philosophy majors as exactly what they are looking for." Perhaps for these reasons, Philosophy majors are considered to be highly employable and have skyrocketing mid-career earnings

Philosophy majors also do very well in admissions for graduate school.  They regularly receive among the top scores on the LSAT, the law school entrance exam; the GRE, the general entrance exam for graduate schools; and the GMAT, the exam required for going to business school.

In the spirit of critical thinking, it is worth noting that it is unclear why philosophy majors do so well on all of these fronts.  (Is it the subject matter?  Perhaps it's the skills we focus on?  Do already skilled students select themselves into majors?)  But if you love tackling philosophical problems--after all, it is important to study what you love--and want to work on general skills that can quickly adapt in a rapidly changing economy, maybe even if you want to run the world, we believe that there is no better major than philosophy.