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Social Justice Concentration

Are issues of inequality and oppression important to you? Concerned about matters of fairness and inclusion? Interested in the ways gender, race, sexuality, and class shape the world? 

The Social Justice concentration is designed to prepare students to think philosophically about justice, equality, equity, and inclusivity at local, national, and global levels. The courses aim to develop students’ critical sensibilities of whether and how relations of power shape individual experience, interpersonal relationships, social structures, and political processes.
The Social Justice concentration prepares students for future work in civil liberties, community activism and development, diversity and inclusion, education, policy, politics, and more.


Social Justice Concentration (4 classes)

Any three of the following:

  • PHIL 203: Global Justice
  • PHIL 275 Race, Racism, Law, & Society
  • PHIL 376: Gender Social Justice
  •  PHIL 303: Social & Political Philosophy
One Elective4

Advisor:  Megan Burke

Social Justice image