LINK to Course Descriptions: PHILOSOPHY
PHIL 101 Critical Thinking
PHIL 102 Logic
PHIL 105 Philosophy of Communication
PHIL 120 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 160A/B The Heart of Wisdom: A Humanities Learning Community
PHIL 161A/B The Good and Meaningful Life: A Humanities Learning Community
PHIL 201 Buddhism, Philosophy, and Culture
PHIL 202 Becoming a Philosopher
PHIL 203 Global Justice
PHIL 204 Applied Ethics
PHIL 205 Ethics, Law and Society
PHIL 212 The Good Life
PHIL 275 Race, Racism, Law and Society
PHIL 301 Philosophy of Science and Technology
PHIL 302 Ethics and Value Theory
PHIL 303 Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 306 Contemporary Topics in Philosophy
PHIL 309 Philosophy and Robotics
PHIL 312 Philosophy of Love and Emotion
PHIL 375 Drugs, Pornography, Punishment, and more: Philosophy of Law
PHIL 376 Gender and Social Justice
PHIL 377 Legal Reasoning
PHIL 400 Senior Seminar