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The Good Life Concentration

If you are interested in questions about the meaning of life, about what constitutes a good life, and, about what possible place morality, religion, or spirituality might play in your life, then the Good Life concentration is for you. This concentration seeks to develop a philosophically rigorous understanding and awareness of existential questions. Students graduating from this concentration will be better equipped to orient themselves to what truly matters to them in the years ahead.

The Good Life Concentration (4 Classes)

Choose one of the following:

  • PHIL 160A/B or PHIL 161A/B: Humanities Learning Community

  • PHIL 201: Buddhism, Philosophy & Culture

  • PHIL 212:The Good Life

PHIL 312: Philosophy of Love and Emotion4
Two Electives8


Advisor: Gillian Parker

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“I am in the Good Life concentration because I value more in my life than any one specific career path. I find that this concentration focuses on cultivating the individual for a multitude of career paths and provides the necessary tools to achieve success and fulfillment in life.” (Phillip Vidal, Class of 2019)