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Helmut Wautischer

Helmut Wautischer



Helmut Wautischer is the current president of the Karl Jaspers Society of North America (KJSNA) and Editor-in-Chief of Existenz: An International Journal in Philosophy, Religion, Politics, and the Art

At SSU, he taught philosophy courses (1995-2021), was an elected member of the Academic Senate (2001-2003 and 2010-2013), served on the Faculty Standards and Affairs Committee (2003-2007), and served on the Academic Freedom Subcommittee (2003-2010).


Ph.D. in Philosophy, Univeristy of Graz, Austria, 1989

Dissertation, Methadology and Knowledge: Proposing an Expanded Science of Man

Advisor: Univ. Prof. Dr. Rudolf Haller

Academic Interests

Originally trained in epistemology and analytic philosophy, he expanded his interests to conduct research in comparative philosophy, including philosophical anthropology, with emphasis on consciousness studies, leading to the study of existentialism, with focus on Karl Jaspers .