Diversity & Social Justice

Recognition of the marginalization of historically disenfranchised and oppressed groups within western professional philosophy began to emerge in the profession in the late twentieth century, motivated by individuals concerned with social justice and often involved in social movements. These efforts have forged practices to diversify the demographics of professors and students in the profession and urge for inclusion in the teaching of philosophy and in philosophical research. Unlike in the past, students can now study race and racism, gender, sexism and misogyny, LGBTQ issues, immigration, disability, and environmental issues as important philosophical concerns.


Here in the Department of Philosophy at Sonoma State, we are committed to philosophy that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Our faculty take diversity into account in their teaching, including minority perspectives alongside and in critical conversation with the traditional canon. We are mindful of having diverse speakers at our events and supporting local, regional, and national social justice efforts. We are dedicated to serving students of all populations and being sensitive to the needs and different life chances of minority and marginalized students.  This focus can be found in each of the concentrations in our major and is central to a number of our course offerings.